Sunday, 18 January 2009

Question: How fast can a pony run on a lunge?


Yes, it was sunny today indeed but not at all that great...The best tool of a riding instructor is a well behaved, well schooled pony. On some days some of my tools are in need of substantial repair...!!
Following this analogy, if you are, let's say, a carpenter and work with kitchen utensils, then whatever you are building is not going to have much quality or substance.
And however you try and whatever you do that spoon is not going to help you in building a house.

It makes me feel frustrated as well as helpless and angry while I try to construct that fine piece of furniture using forks, rolling pins and balloon whisks! And I try to be patient, I really do but sometimes I really do have enough.
I got to give it to my riders though as they never give up, keep trying and even try to defend my tools...go figure.
They either have more belief in the power of kitchen utensils or my ability to miraculously change them into sophisticated woodworking tools.

To make today even more cheerful I am feeling a bit run down - great! Just stuffed myself with aspirin, some Polish medicines, I am tucked in in bed and am planning to stay here for the foreseeable future ;)


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