Monday, 13 December 2010

I CAN trot on a cricle!

Hello guys! It's Kinsgley here. My auntie left me to go to Poland and my mummy is off to Scotland soon so I thought I would sneakly improve some more to give them both an early Christmas present!
Nic has been working me on those damn circles which I really see no sense in but ehmm hmm I must say all this gym is making me a little bit more athletic! Wonder if the mares notice too? What do yout think?

Kingsley - 12th December from Nic Barker on Vimeo.
Have a look at the full write up I got from Nic on her blog:

My fabulous yet very horsey holiday camp now has its Facebook page so please support my resort owners by joining in: Rockley Farm Facebook Page.
If I don't speak to you before Christmas please tell Santa that I would really like to have all four feet and my body doing a good job. I would also really like to prove to all these mares what a cracking little man I really am when I am free from discomfort. I can jump too so if Santa doesn't mind I would also like to go back to that hobby. I saw that Badminton is running Grassroots Championships and I am told there are many mares there...I am only young...Call me a dreamer...
Happy Christmas and please let me know what you think of my hard work?


Daun said...

Wow, he is looking GREAT! What an unbelievable difference! I am completely floored.

Well done, Kingsley's connections.

Sarah said...

Wow! That is so amazing. Have you fired your old farrier yet? Looks like they very nearly killed him.

Nic Barker said...

Dear Kingsley,

I will email Santa and tell him you have been a VERY good boy - I am sure if you carry on being as good as this next year then you will be going jumping and of course that means you will have to be fed HUGE breakfast and tea, as well of course as looking gorgeous - so it all sounds good ;-)

Happy Christmas :-)

Unknown said...

Daun - so happy you see the improvement! I think sometimes when progress is slow we tend not to see things that well but I think he really made a leap!

Sarah - glad you see the changes too :) I'm not sure if I should blame the farrier. There has been a combination of problems before we bought him and he had very neglected feet on arrival with us last year.
We won't be going back to previous farrier as he didn't seem to believe in barefoot solution. We will find someone in the area who can look after his feet without shoeing him...

Unknown said...

Nic - I think Kingsley would be forever grateful if the big meals happened ;)

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