Friday, 7 January 2011


There is a definite bonus to quiet winter time - I have the time to nurse my cold. It's gone I think but I still feel tired and slow.
I have the time to wander around some of my all favorite places, like Holland Park.

And say hello to some of my favorite critters: 

I also have a lot of time available to spend on organising all the Numbers...January is a lovely month: I get to do my tax return and that alone speeds up the appearance of grey hair on my head. 
On top of that, I had to re-think and change all the Academy prices because we are entering a partnership with a company I will for now call XYZ (details very soon!). Everything had to be ready in the first week of January so together with the Norway adventure it had kept my brain very busy. Thinking in numbers is good for my pocket but not for my mental well-being. I feel like I've been put in a bubble and exist in a zombie like world when I have to sit in front of spreadsheets for any length of time. It has to be done though. 

I miss messing around with Kingsley as just being with horses is one of my best ways to relax. The little boy will be staying at Rockley Farm until the end of February, he is doing so well there that it would be a shame to interfere with the progress. Despite my efforts I can't find a yard that would fit the bill. It worries me as I would really love to have the opportunity to see him more often and see properly to his later ridden rehab.
One option that I am investigating is to find a yard that I can also hire out as and when needed for Academy coaching purposes. It needs to be a facility centre with all year turn out for long hours and not far from London. 
One promising yard has just replied to my email so I will arrange a visit but they have no part-livery/assisted DIY spaces right now. We can't have him simply on DIY so there must be a trustworthy team on the yard. They have a waiting list though so we shall see. Until then, I will continue searching. 

Grooming and yard work gives me some physical work out and horses' presence is nicely calming. 
The work being quiet means I had breaks between lessons which let me spend more time with some school horses before schooling them. I gave them thorough cleaning and chatted with them each for a bit. Working horses do love that interaction. When left alone they stand looking depressed and lackluster but as you show them some interest, after a moment, their ears point towards you and they nuzzle you from time to time, turn around and sniff your pockets for treats. 
It's also interesting to see how some of the horses retreated into themselves while in isolation during illness. They are now being brought into work and one mare in particular, from a cheeky, boisterous almost character stood indifferent when I scrubbed her coat. Normally she would be on top of me begging for polos. It took about 20 minutes before she started to react to grooming at her favorite spots at the withers, stretching her neck and nudging me for goodies. 

Ok, more dealing with numbers for me now. 


Rising Rainbow said...

Good luck with you numbers. It sounds like you have new possibilites in the making. Hope that works out for you.

I love being with the hores too. Spending one on one time can get me through some tough times.

English Rider said...

When you get to be rich and famous, you can choose to work for free and no longer worry about the numbers:) Here's hoping.

Unknown said...

Rising Rainbow - thank you I hope so too, if only I can survive the damn tax return! ;)

English Rider - see, THAT would be the dream come true to me! To offer free lessons and training would be fabulous but decent lottery win would have to happen first!

Anonymous said...

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