Monday, 18 August 2008

Adventures with fresh food!

Due to volatile nature of equine soundness, other client's car troubles and a change in vet's appointments I found myself having a day off.
It happened that today was the day when our first online food shopping was scheduled to arrive - rather exciting! Especially for someone for whom food shopping is as close to an idea of fun as a day out in an elevator for an agoraphobic.

Since Ricky was feeling organic when clicking most of the food arrived hmm raw and we had to come up with some recipes if we wanted to consume anything. I love fresh food but I am not a big fan of whirling around the kitchen for hours.

However, sometimes I can awake some adventurous pleasure in finding out whether I am actually capable of making a meal that does not come partially prepared ;)

The result was delicious and well worth the effort!

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