Tuesday, 19 August 2008

My Stage III results arrived tonight and guess what...

I passed!! Both Riding and Horse Knowledge & Care sections with only one X out of all blooming elements. I am over the moon!
So now I need to send the BHS my Log Book with all the teaching hours logged in (which was just waiting for my Stage III results), copies of my certificates (Equine First Aid, The Child Protection Cert and Stages') and await the arrival of my AI Certificate.

Very happy me would like to thank everybody who contributed to my teaching quest so far. The Thank You Award goes to:
  • P. for making the taking of the exam possible
  • all my clients for challenging me every day,
  • friends at work for English lessons (;-0) and support,
  • friends who let me ride and compete their lovely horses so I am not too rusty,
  • all the readers of my blog of course for sharing all the ups and downs
  • and Ricky as always for all his help and for patience when dealing with my horsey obsession :)
Next step (exam wise) for this year will be to book my Stage IV Horse Knowledge & Care on the 1st of December. Stage IV Riding (click and scroll down the pdf for syllabus for Riding section) will have to wait for next year as I need to arrange for more hours in the saddle!
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