Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Eek! Panic starts to hit ! ;)

The Young Instructor of The Year qualifier starts at 9.30am at Wildwoods Riding Centre tomorrow and I think I am starting to feel really nervous and wondering if I am going to make a total idiot of myself!
I know I am letting myself down if I am nervous especially that I seem to all of a sudden forget the easiest English words on the planet

I am also trying to drum into my head all the names for muscles and ligaments for my Stage III exam on Monday and even enlisted some help at work today so I could actually HEAR some words being said as it's not like you say everyday: "Give your horse a pat at his brachiocephalic and make sure the saddle lies well on latissumus dorsi" !! I should have paid more attention at my latin classes at school!

I wish it was 12th August now and I had both those days behind me I am sure I will enjoy them once I am there, I love the adrenaline and I love the challenge, but I cannot stand the waiting game!
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