Friday, 29 August 2008

Express Eventing International Cup

Hmm, just came across something rather interesting...British Eventing says:

The equestrian sport of eventing is to be showcased as never before with the launch of a fast-paced, glamorous new form of the sport. Express Eventing will condense all the skills and excitement of traditional eventing into just half a day inside an enclosed sporting arena.

For the very first time, spectators will be able to watch all three disciplines – dressage, show jumping and cross-country - from one seat, and follow the progress of every horse and rider at each stage of the competition. Helped by expert commentaries, stadium audio visual technology and a simplified scoring system, they will know exactly what each competitor needs to do to win.

For full article go to: "Revolutionary equestrian event unveiled"


Telegraph coverage: Riders compete for £250,000 in 'Twenty20' express eventing showpiece

For information on tickets and venues go to: Express Eventing Ticket Master
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