Monday, 25 August 2008

On turning professional - business talent vs riding talent

My dream, aim and goal is to run my own riding establishment for which I have several strong ideas and know what I want it to be but I am also very aware of how little I know about full reality of running a business in the UK. So I try to learn as much as possible.
One good thing about Internet is that you can access variety of information for free and without running around which is great after all days at work where you barely sit down.
I came across this video today where a father of an event rider explains how he goes about running his daughter's riding career and thought someone may find it interesting.

The authors of the video say: "This intruiging interview highlights the predicament facing many young riders, namely the transition from what Georgie Spence’s Dad calls “a serious family hobby to a business”. Finding and managing owners, marketing Georgie’s talent and creating the right backup are all challenges Georgie and her family face. Georgie and Russell Spence talk to Fiona Price, March 08." []

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