Saturday, 2 August 2008

Some Fun ;)

It was drizzling and raining and just pouring all other sorts of rein you get in England all morning. Then, the afternoon was so hot and sunny that you might have thought you flew from one part of the globe to another in a single day.
I mostly had some really nice and challenging private lessons today which are so much more enjoyable and of quality than group lessons.
At lunch I had an absolute laugh-attack (you know when you just cannot stop laughing? that's it!) while making up stories on one of our laziest horses with colleague at work. We pretended he was a racehorse and made specific fuss about it being held properly and ridden very sensitively (this horse's idea of sensitivity is non existent by the way). Yes, I do know it doesn't really sounds funny when you write it down and yes, it was mega childish but gosh, was it a laugh ;)

My stomach is having to endure more laugh attacks thanks to some totally hilarious international students riding with us throughout the summer. It took all my mental strength to remain professionally upright rather than end up rolling on the ground from laughter.

Another reason to smile is that I now have a new SIM card to my phone AND I get to keep my number (phew!) - it should be active within the next 24 hours. What a relief, I've been feeling like without a hand without my mobile!
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