Monday, 18 August 2008

I've been asked to do an interview for an equine podcast Radio!

Stable Scoop Radio Show wrote to me today asking whether I would like to give an interview for their 'Blog of the Week' podcast. I am not sure if it goes through as the phone call to the US would cost me a small fortune but if it somehow does go forward I shall let you all know.
Here is a part of the email in question:

"Hi Wiola,
We have recently added your blog to our blog listing at We are a new podcast by some veteran podcasters - the first for The Horse Radio Network. Stop over and take a look and listen.
We have a segment on our show every week called "Blog of the Week". I really like your blog and how well you have kept up with it. We would like to have you on one of our upcoming episodes for an interview. We can record the interview over the phone, would you be interested?"

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