Thursday, 11 October 2007

British Dressage tests for 2008 now available

I received the below email today from Dressage Diagrams:

British Dressage have released new tests for 2008 and you can get them on the website now.

Remember - for the time being, delivery of test sheets is being delayed by the ongoing Royal Mail postal strike. We have posted a warning on the buying pages which will be removed when the strike is over.

Online diagrams of course are not affected by the strike.

The new tests include two LONG arena prelim tests, and SHORT arena tests at novice, elementary and advanced medium. Also BD have introduced a new introductory level walk and trot test.

New tests in use from 1st January 2008

  • Introductory A (short arena)
  • Prelim 15 (long arena)
  • Prelim 19 (long arena) - replaces Prelim 16
  • Novice 28 (short arena) - replaces Novice 21
  • Elementary 42 (short arena) - replaces Elementary 41
  • Advanced Medium 84 (short arena)

Tests being withdrawn on 1 January 2008

  • Prelim 16
  • Novice 21
  • Elementary 41
  • Advanced Medium 83

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