Monday, 8 October 2007

Why can't things just run smoothly, hey?

Following the spell of total enjoyment with young Wilastra, today I had the first real confidence knock since I can remember. Of course, there are ups and downs all the time but I haven't really had a proper 'oh, shit, I don't know what to do' sort of situation for ages. Or maybe, should I say, I knew what needed to be done but would not dare doing it. Which isn't much better. There are times when I joke about picking up a different hobby and career path but that is all it is - jokes.
I often come across people who lost their confidence because of bad falls, scary situations and the likes so it is almost a shame to say my confidence was knocked because a young horse napps (for those of you who think I am talking about a short spell of sleep - have a look at Simple Definition of Napping) away from her flatwork. The question is whether, in this particular instance, I am the wuss or the horse is a cow? ;) Most likely the former!
Well, milady threw her toys out of pram today after about 20 minutes of lovely work. It really surprised me as I didn't ask anything of her that she didn't do well before and I could find no reason to her behaviour. Some help will be enlisted and I am hoping the issues are workable; or should I say, I am hoping I will be capable of working through them. More details on Wilastra's blog.
Perhaps to even things up a bit, Bobby worked really well - supple, forward and relaxed most of the time. His canter work is really getting better too.
So that was today.
Yesterday, I finally played about with my canvas and did a painting for our living room. I really enjoy it although I do realise none of my 'art' will ever get anywhere near Tate Modern ;) Not that it bothers me!
I wanted something very, very simple this time and so came up with the idea of a sketchy image.
What I am quite bad at is mixing colours - most of the time they come up looking like candy jar full of childish hues. It took me a while to think the background on the 'white line horse' painting as I wanted something to pick up on wooden floors, the autumn, the warmth. Once I had the colour in my head it was only the matter of splashing acrylics about mixing them into the shade matching the one in my head. I was happy enough with the result to let the painting take the prime spot ;).


Nicola said...

Lovely picture.

Well doen for being so honest. You are a very brave girl ( as I can see from your XC schooling pictures!!) It is horrible when your confidnece takes a knock, but it will bounce right back. I think my confindence will never be the same since my bad accident on a mare, but I tell myself.. feel the fea rand do it anyway... I am considering valium though when I come to reback Pebble.

Ahhh the highs and lows of horses. I am loving your blog though. ..

Unknown said...

Thank you :) According to some, I am an enigma as can ride bravely XC or jumping but lack confidence when a horse plays up on the flat...go figure!
Valium or a bottle of wine and we should be fine!
Fingers crossed as I really like that mare! I am sure all will go well with Pebble too :)

Rising Rainbow said...

That was an interesting article. I had never heard the term before but certainly have dealt with the behavior.

While it may not be fun dealing with a horse like this, they sure can teach you a lot. I know I have learned the most from my biggest problems.

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