Friday, 19 October 2007

Dressage and Show Jumping Clinics Online

While browsing the British Dressage magazines I came across adverts about lessons on videos that you can watch on your desktop. I thought it was a very interesting idea and had a look at the websites: and

There is a choice of European and North American trainers and the variety is enormous including Hubertus Schmidt, Rudolf Zeilinger, Alois Pollmann Schweckhorst, Jeroen Dubbeldam and many others.
There are also a few free videos that you can watch in both dressage and show jumping and I found them interesting but due to them being shown in a tiny resolution you really have to strain to see something. The commentary is live by trainers/riders/lecturers and it seems a nice, educational tool. The quality of the sound of the free videos is bad at times.

The membership gives you an access to about 40 training videos a month and they span work from Novice to Grand Prix. I haven't bought it but if anyone of you have and can say more please let me know!

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ronnies said...


My name is Ronnie and I'm writing from "Jockey Club", Israel's largest eqestrian centre.
We are looking for a talented showjumping trainer who will be willing to come train in Israel for a year or two. Our students compete locally and internationally.
If you know any such candidate please refer to

Certified trainers only.


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