Thursday, 25 October 2007

Moments to remember

Everything has been working nicely this week (so far;). Wilastra gave me such a fabulous ride today - she was incredibly relaxed, calm but in the same time very alert and forward going.
The countryside was hidden under this peculiar mist/drizzle but still hasn't ceased to amaze me. More on our hack HERE. It was one of those rides you like to remember:)
The rich autumnal colours are still there, whirling around. It is getting chilly though and I am missing the spring already.
Tuesday night was the worst. I put three jumpers on, gloves, a body warmer and a hood (yes, I know it sounds mad) and kept marching next to the clients around the arena but could still feel the chill. I have never had any cold tolerance. Riding one of the new horses warmed me up for a bit. He is a very sweet person, gentle, responsive, intuitive and an armchair ride. I think he will be available for clients shortly as he really gets the hang of it and seems to enjoy himself.

I am off to relax on the bed now with today's issue of Horse & Hound :)


Rising Rainbow said...

I wear all kinds of layers to the barn. When I give Rachel her lesson I have to wear everything I've brought but when I work horses, I'm stripping off the layers. I hate winter in the barn!!

Unknown said...

Hehe, I know what you mean - when I ride I stripp too! ;)) I am then warm for a bit afterwards and then the chill hits twice as hard. Ech, winter joys!

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