Monday, 22 October 2007

Eight things you don't know about me

Eek! I have been tagged by Dressage Mum and challenged to list eight things people don't know about me...
Here we go then:)

1) I am terrified of bumble bees.
2) When I compete I like number 7 in my number. If there isn't one I will add, multiply etc until I find an equation which gives me my magic seven.
3) I can't stand white chocolate.
4) I am easily impressed by my darling's intelligence (he better doesn't get too cheeky if he reads this!).
5) I hate the fact that my command of English is not as good as I would wish. I don't like making mistakes and find it hard to laugh at my grammar inadequacies. It probably comes from being rather good in my mother tongue and the fact that I usually pay attention to the way people speak, the vocabulary they use etc.
6) There are days when I really wish I didn't damage my knee at 15 and was able to continue my show jumping career as a junior. I had a great horse who could jump quite well; we trained at 1.30m and he would go higher. Some other days I thank for what happened as all those months in plasters over the period of 6 years made me who I am today.
7) I travel on average 504.2km(313.295 miles) a week. This includes 103km(64miles) cycling a week to the office in the mornings and all my afternoon and evening horsey pursuits. This does not include weekends when I might be going places.
8) I would secretly want to be a famous writer. Ricky and I would have a cottage by the sea where we would go to write ; my books would sell in millions and I could play horses most of the time.

I am going to tagg Nicola now!

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