Saturday, 6 June 2009

Good day but looking forward to lots of rest

Hmm, it turned out I got the dates confused and my morning rider, Pauline, actually booked a hack and afternoon rider was away watching Polo!
I was so tired in the morning it was just as well I was hacking out from 9 till 12.30. It was such a sleepy start to the day with a constant misty rain coming down from greyish sky. 
We had some lovely relaxing walkies followed by some fast canters to keep us awake ;) 

I finally woke up after lunch break, just in time as had a few lessons to give that needed attention ;) My last one of the day was with advanced teenage group and I decided to set them one of the exercises I used to do on training camps while in Juniors (when show-jumping back in Poland). My mum sent me some of my old notes that I made after each training and I had a habit of drawing the jump sets our trainer built for us so it all came back. Watching the riders tackling the set up was like a journey back in time. Lots of fab memories.  

Then back home and..wait for it...I actually cooked a dinner ;) 

Veggies, pasta, chicken and Lloyd Grossman sauce - yummy:) Revised to my Intermediate Teaching exam reading up on some lecture topics and I am now going to try to catch some beauty sleep before teaching packed day tomorrow. Dark circles under my eyes are getting darker - roll on day off Monday!


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