Saturday, 27 June 2009

Long hot days

As much as I love warmth this hot weather with high humidity is very draining. Great for by the pool book reading situation but not so great when you have to spend your day on your feet in breeches and leather knee high gaiters...Superbly exhausting!
It's been a good couple of days though. Ran Training Day on Friday and I think we managed to go through quite a few issues successfully and riders made some interesting progress. We finished the day with a lovely relaxing hack when the weather decided to ease off and we enjoyed a little breeze. 
Rather intense day today where I got to teach private or semi-private lessons all day to some new clients some of which I naturally convinced (as usual) to book for more riding fun ;) 

I've received quite a few emails from horse enthusiasts enquiring about some form of Training Days for complete beginners just starting out and I would like to say that I am working on this... When/if my idea goes ahead I will post an update. For now you will have to be patient :)

Right, off to revise for my exam.

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