Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Teaching in Tropics, Ice Creams and House Hunting continues

So it's hot. Gorgeously hot and I am loving it. Not exactly Egypt and no swimming pool here but hey! If I didn't actually like the changes in weather, the 
autumn leaves, the lush greenness of spring and somewhat melancholic asceticism of winter I could just live in the summer all the year round.

Stable cats lazily napped at every possible place at every possible time. They are quite affectionate and come to you to say hello every time you happen to sit down. 

I had a couple of gaps in between lessons today so cats decided I wasn't busy enough and employed me in personal scratchers capacity. They disapproved of me reading, eating, drinking, in fact of everything rather than scratching. 
While on scratching duty I got chatted to by a Muslim woman, wrapped in traditional burqa (wow she must have been hot!) who came by with her 4 year old daughter to show her the horses. It was quite an interesting conversation to say the least. I was basically asked about how to go about providing ones child with a chance to become an international show-jumper!
It transpired that the woman had a dream to ride as a child but being born into Muslim family she was told it's not right to ride a horse and to "show your bum around" ! 
It's quite surreal to talk about international sport sitting in a little riding school with lots of hairy ponies running around and helping a stranger to plan a career for her daughter who hasn't even sat on a pony in her life. 
The woman said to me: "You know, when you really want something so very very badly but can't do it because of social and religious constraints it's so very frustrating. Now my daughter loves horses and I will do everything so she can ride. To become a show-jumper"...

So there we were, watching a jumping lesson where keen children jumped over 2ft high plastic fences, considering the ins and outs of a career in Show Jumping. 

Pic. left: "No Oscar, you can't have my sandwich". 

Apart from that sandwich I spent entire day stuffing myself with ice-creams we have on the yard. In fact I had so many of them I feel sick. I also drunk enormous amount of water, bottles of Lucozade Sport, orange juice and more. 
I can never really eat properly when it's hot so I end up just snacking on strange stuff. 

Right, onto yesterday. It was another house viewing day and we finally saw a house that ticked a lot of boxes. However, we had a look at some more houses offered by a different agency and are now undecided. I can't wait to have it all behind me and settle nicely in a new place. The good thing about all those viewings is that we are becoming more familiar with the village but also more aware of which part of it we prefer and which aren't that nice. 
The house we liked is actually that little bit too far from the station (requirement #1 = not further than 10 minutes walk from the station) and isn't located in the best spot. 
It's not bad overall. And there are some strong positives about it. But it's not that great either. I wish it was easier to just decide 'right, we going for it' but it isn't. Maybe when we walk into the truly 'right' house we will find it easier? 
It's very draining as I would so wish to move on now. Trying to have a horsey career being based in London is a bit like wanting to be a professional skier and living in Bahamas...(that actually made me think about that Jamaican Bobsled Team that went to Olympics...he he). 
Starting from this week I changed my teaching hours in Berkshire as train ticket's costs went up and I am in significant need to cut my expenses! I decided to avoid peak hours in the morning and shift my hours towards the evenings. That should save me paying ridiculous peak travel charges. Not sure what time I would be back home though!

Time to rest now. Ah, and look what I found upon arriving at work today:

I think he wants to go home with me!!! He's a 12 weeks old Staff x Mastiff which means in six months time I wouldn't be able to hold him like that ;) 
When we move I am SO going to get a dog. And a cat. 


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