Thursday, 12 February 2009

And my next exam is...

Looks like my next exam will be on the 22nd of July - the BHS Intermediate Teaching Test (exam syllabus) ...I should really book my Stage IV as well and I am thinking of taking it on the 5th of August but haven't booked it as yet.

I am rather tired, rode three today including one that wanted to pull my arms out of sockets, had to half-halt it every second stride for 40 minutes, then the little mare finally let go and let me ride her. She became so soft and obliging that I only continued for further 5 minutes and finished on that. Sharp little animal she is.

I am pondering about trying to organise my taking part in this:
BHS launches new competition for instructors: The ‘Instructors Challenge’

And here is another little fragment from a super book I am reading currently:

"Horses are neither smart nor stupid in human terms. They are neither because when they surrender to the rider's controls and to his will, they enter a dreamlike state. Are humans smart or stupid when dreaming? Neither. We just know pleasure and pain; we know we are victimised by it. We know that physical discomfort brings on nightmares. Ride a horse into pleasant dream. Make him remember the thrill of it. Ride only as long as it is pleasant and induces in the horse a dream. In a nightmare, a few minutes are much too long!" [Charles De Kunffy]
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