Sunday, 8 February 2009

"If God only gave me a clear sign; like making a large deposit in my name at a swiss bank." Woody Allen

Don't get me wrong. I can enjoy the snow. I can even find it exciting to build enormous quantities of snowman-like creatures, throw snowballs at people and just generally feel rather joyful for no more reason but said snow.
Don't get me wrong. I rarely take life very seriously and I seem to have a lot of luck that appears in my life just when I think there is no other way round but to spend a year dead for tax purposes.
So do not get me wrong... I can enjoy this wintry spell but I am also mega worried because if the weather continues as it is now the business will suffer greatly. And myself with it.

So what was I up to? I tried to escape transport problems by staying over near work but ended up being basically on "holiday" due to all the cancellations. On a bright side I had a lot of fun hanging around various yards, chatting horses, meeting some more crazy horsey people, playing with scurry ponies, watching lessons (actually this I should do more of - note to myself: watch more trainings and shows).
So, yes, Mr Snow, thanks for making sure I have a bit of a rest early this year.
Some things you just can't buy no matter what fortune you have so thank you very much indeed Mr Snow for lending me a bit of fun time with my dear friend (who let me stay at her house, who never fails to make me laugh and who makes super tasty coffee by the way), that's definitely a bonus of your appearance on this island.

I am back home now which is good as I missed seeing my dear Other Half; fingers crossed that Railway stays up and running this coming week and roads are drivable or I have no way of getting to work and neither my clients would make it to the lessons. Wonder if I should just rent a caravan so I can stay in Berkshire again next week ...!
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