Monday, 16 February 2009

Quantum saddles - The Saddle Reborn?

I came across an article today about a 10 year project which resulted in development of these saddles. Have a look:

It's interesting and it made me think that it would be fantastic if someone out there was charitable enough to donate saddles like these to all those riding school horses that teach people how to these are the horses that would most benefit from what top class comfort saddles can offer for strained equine back...


From Quantum Saddles website: "Quantum’s technology is all about performance. Performance of both horse and rider.

The horse’s performance is improved by comfort and freedom of movement. The rider’s performance is improved by comfort, security/stability and contact.

In addition to the performance benefits, the Quantum Saddle is easy to fit and adjust as your horse changes shape due to age or fitness. You can also keep the same saddle if you change your horse by simply asking your Quantum Saddle fitter to alter your existing saddle. This can be done on site in a matter of minutes."

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