Friday, 13 February 2009

How to be a good housewife...

First Friday off at home since the year started so I am playing a housewife. Got to know how here is my schedule:

1) Have a good rest (as you worked hard the day before)
2) Hoover for a bit
3) Leisure in bed for a while browsing videos and articles on Dressage Today
4) Answer your emails
5) Speak to estate agents looking for a new house for you
6) Tidy up your kitchen
7) Load your washing machine
7a) (and do not forget to turn it on)
8) Resume browsing
9) Read
9a) Read some more
10) .......................oops, better do something!!!

Right, my mission today is to actually make my house look a little happier AND I am going to cook a dinner. SO, I am really going to have to get going now...

Ah, 5 more minutes...;)
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