Thursday, 19 February 2009

Kingdom For a Coffee

Writing is a funny thing. Sometimes I start and cannot stop, read it back and think 'whoa, that's a bit too much, don't really want to share all this with the world'. Other times I start thinking there is so much to say and yet I don't seem to be able to form any sense of all the thoughts in my head.
Now is the scenario number two. I feel tired but not sleepy. Heh??
I shall attempt an update...

My Intermediate Teaching exam booking conformation arrived today so there is no going back now. It seems a little complicated what with the UKCC (UK Coaching Certificate) option included and I have to read through all the papers to get my head around it. I reckon I might as well do it together with the exam but it's not compulsory.
I decided to top the game up for all my Sunday clients as most of them are now at a decent level and can easily deal with more demanding lessons. It makes me actually use my brain cells and they learn to cope better with rather difficult horses they have to ride.
The past Sunday was very quiet as many of our riders goes away during half-term so I ended up staff training most of the day. The enthusiasm of the people there is the only thing that truly motivates me to persevere with the oh-so-unsuitable mounts.

Onto the weekdays...apart from Monday which was my lazy day off I am having a bit of a teaching overload. Ealing Riding School is forever busy (they have waiting lists running for miles) and on Tuesday I ended leaving the house at 10am and coming back 10pm, fitting over 10 hours of lessons in. I certainly would not be able to deal with that sort of schedule for any period of time! It messes your brain up ;)

Wednesday - schooling a little sharp pony, went on to teaching lunging to kids on Young Riders' Day (made them lunge each other first - never enough exercise eh?;) followed by the rest of the day with Reading University riders. They are a fantastic bunch of young people and I always have a lot of fun with them.

And back to today - I am feeling strangely tired this week. Find it difficult to get up in the mornings yet don't really feel sleepy much in the evenings. Is this the spring-coming-thing?
There are things I need to get on with asap. Namely, got to start having driving lessons. You see, at 17 I was a bit of an adrenaline junkie and my dear mum (who was terrified of my creative drive) refused to sign a little document for me which I needed in order to have free driving tuition in High School. Bah!
Either way, after having a rather bad car accident (not me driving by the way!) I have no desire to challenge any motorists with any unnecessarily uncanny skills and I am looking forward to strolling along gently in some sort of a four wheel machine.

I am also continuing to search for a house to move to and wonder why the estate agents keep asking me when is the best time to contact me and then never ring when I tell them to ring but exactly when I can't take their calls. Go figure.

Right, I think that's about for today. I am staying over at my lovely friend's tomorrow who makes super coffee which will hopefully keep me awake! Running my Intensive Training day all day Friday as well as Saturday so should be a nice weekend.
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