Thursday, 5 February 2009

And the weather continues to take the mick!

No work again.

Dear Mr Snow
I would like you to seriously consider withdrawing your goods from the south and south east of England. It's extremely unhelpful if not detrimental to my survival in freelance capacity. I do appreciate you provide a lot of fun to people who do not have to work to be able to feed themselves and who do not worry about paying their bills but I would be ever so grateful if you spare a thought for my situation.
You may think I am indeed having fun hanging around Berkshire with my crazy friend, watching horses eating snow, testing the arenas for level of freeze and muddiness etc but if you keep being so generous with your white snowy flaky pressies I will very soon have to think how to supply all my clients with snow plows so they can make to their lessons!

So please, if you could very kindly visit some other places and just give us a bit of a (a year) break it would be greatly appreciated.
Frustrated Freelance Riding Instructor
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