Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Exciting Opportunity

I haven't posted any full update on my whereabouts after loosing the ride on Wilastra because there is nothing yet that has taken shape well enough to be discussed.
The vague plan is to take more teaching, starting from the next week. I am also going to help a friend with one of her eventers over the winter.

There is also a very exciting opportunity in the pipeline. I have a chance to train with one of the leading dressage riders/trainers in the UK - I just need to find a horse now which I could borrow for lessons!
I am working on it and will be back with more information as soon as possible.


Suzie said...

Ooh how exciting!! Who is it or is that top secret? ;)

Unknown said...

Top secret for now ;) I will give you some clues though: she is based in Herts and has been quite successful recently...;)
There will be nothing out of it if I don't find a horse stabled nearby though.

Anonymous said...

Wiola, I can only say about losing Wilastra that she seems to have done an awful lot in a short time and she is still only four! So maybe she is telling everyone that she needs a break.........?

When its not your horse, you can only do what you can within the constraints that are placed upon you, and you will have learnt from the experience.

So here's to good luck with finding your next horse :-)

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