Thursday, 18 June 2009

Just don't hit the trees...

I spent the morning on running one of my Training Days for one of the University Club's riders including more XC fun both with the uni rider and with the evening livery lesson later on. Our XC woods are rather populated by variety of trees and while looking for some more interesting routes to link the fences my main priority was not to have a tree facing the rider upon landing ;) 
I thought I must have said 'just don't hit that tree' a good several times today ;) Now and then I would hear: 'ehmm, there are trees everywhere here' ;)) 

Busy and long day tomorrow, I have two more girls from the Club doing the Training Day preparing for their Mini Badminton Event so we will be working through their dressage test (Prelim 18 I believe), some show jumping and more XC. 
Then we have a 'Have Your Say' evening at the centre starting at 7pm for all the clients and livery clients to voice their ideas, for them to meet the staff etc I think it's a great idea in principle but wonder how many people do actually come forward publicly with what they are saying quietly at meetings like this...Some complimentary wine is said to be served and I will have to sip my water! My antibiotics are apparently not keen on even small quantities of alcohol. 

Saturday is all set to be fab with P. riding with me whole morning, then Training Day for one of my regular riders. 



Anonymous said...

I hit a tree once going cross-country - well, actually, my horse bolted and I came off where there was a tree! I can't say that I enjoyed it very much!

English Rider said...

The trick is to go so fast that you don't see the trees!

Anonymous said...

from Canada son had a tendency to just go, and thank goodness his pony would stop and give him the option of re-thinking the landing route!!

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