Monday, 16 March 2009

The day of super things: super house viewing trip and a super ride

The night was rather bad, I kept waking up and drinking tea as my throat was killing me and my temp seemed to fluctuate lots but felt surprisingly well in the morning.
Just as well as we had to be in Wokingham by 11.30 to view a house. Now, the house itself was actually quite nice but there were a few things about the immediate surroundings that we didn't really like: a big sign on the house next door - 'Demolition in Progress, Keep Out' he he, large storage type buildings that have massive lorries visiting them in mornings and just that little bit too much traffic. However, I really liked the little town and we were told by the estate agent that there are much better areas of Wokingham to look at.
We left the industrial area and walked up to the town centre where we popped to a bookshop (of course I had to buy a book - it's an incurable habit of mine, can't resist the books!), sat on some random benches, got chatted up by some random people and treated ourselves to delicious lunch - super yummy!

Pic. below: that's where we had our lovely food

Then off I went to have a play with my dear friend's new horse and wow, what a super horse he is! The moment I sat on him he reminded me of the good old days riding show-jumpers at Boguslawice stud: same genuine work ethic, so willing and such a pleasure to ride. Need some schooling but no doubt will get it. I wished I felt better and rode him properly rather than like a numpty but he is one of those horses that make you feel like you can actually ride quite well and you know your stuff ;)
The best thing was to sit on something with this fab adjustable canter that I remember from riding show-jumpers in Poland, the canter that lets you play with the stride and that was always what I loved about show-jumping. All this: sit and keep the rhythm, however good it is, it's also mega boring! The exciting part is to bounce in between the jumps on a horse that feels like a rubber ball :)
So yes, it was a super ride :)

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