Monday, 23 March 2009

Working on the biggest video/photo record so far!

Pic.: Dimitri performing a Greek dance? ;) upon dismounting!

Stay tuned to
In a few of hours there should be a lovely photo-video record from a super fun Training Day from Friday the 20th; featuring Sara, Dimitri and Libby. 

I am working here downloading, uploading, saving and creating videos/photo slideshows on photobucket so be patient(have 129 photos plus videos to sort through) as I am trying to be too with my dear, slow computer (anyone who wants to buy me one of those cool new VAIOs will be cherished forever!).

Pic.: Hacking out in the morning

Pic.: KJ, my dear friend who is leaving and who ran this Training Day with me. Now I have quite a task of finding another instructor who I will trust to teach my clients well! 

Pic.: And myself with Dimitri 
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