Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Late nights

Almost midnight so I am well and truly tired but hey, I managed to edit one long video remix so have a look at Compiling those videos is actually a lot of fun but it is also extremely time consuming! The riders better like it ;)
I wish I knew how to add own music to it but since I don't I have to use default pieces provided by photobucket. They are rather amusing...;) You got to at least smirk at them!
I still have some super videos left to use for two additional remixes so watch this space. 

There is more editing to come as I have a group of three ladies on a Training Day this coming Friday. 

The recent late nights make me feel a little spaced out in the mornings so it took me a good couple of hours to wake up properly today. I am also trying to switch off from all the necessary changes at the yard due to my friend leaving which certainly doesn't help me to stay mega focused. 

On a good note, got to ride three horses and even jumped one over the actual jumps (as oppose to 2.6/2.9ft poles that we seem to train over on regular basis). If only that was an everyday occurrence ...
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