Sunday, 8 March 2009

A little rest

I think I have finally found out the root of me feeling so run down for the last couple of days. Looks like I got myself a nice stomach bug which decided to attack me fully this morning. As a result I spent entire morning fighting with overwhelming nausea, went to work anyway but only lasted a few hours before deciding to escape. 
One of my riders kindly drove me all the way home which is very much appreciated both by me and my stomach!

I've been spending my afternoon reading and enjoying the speed of Google Chrome (my computer has been driving me crazy recently being so slow I could chuck it into the bin if I could replace it straight away) and I am going to brave some food in a moment - hope it stays where it should do!

Once my food intake is back to normal I am going to test a joint supplement - my knee is being a little temperamental of late so here is what I will be shoving into myself and hope it helps: Seven Seas JointCare Sport.

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