Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Falling on my face

I had a bit of a surreal day today. Despite an attempt to get up early I ended up sleeping till 11.30am! I am so strangely tired. Not so much physically though, just this peculiar sort of tiredness when you just want to go to sleep and let the life pass by for a bit. 
I was fine once up, jumped into my breeches and riding stuff, ran to the station and managed to arrive just in time for my 1pm start. Once I walked into the arena I barely stopped until 9.30pm, talking and talking and riding and talking. I tend to get into this trans sometimes when I have to keep telling myself to shut up although clients seem to like it! 
The "owner of my Tuesday's job" is a funny man. Cynical as they come. So he watches me for a moment giving a jumping lesson to my super new French rider (whacked the fences up today for her and she loved it), walks up to me and says: 'Wiola, you enjoying your job here?' - his face motionless. Smile less. I look at him thinking, s**t, hope he is not going to ask me to do more hours as no way I am going for it. . 'Glad you do' - he says instead - 'someone has to' ;) Cynical people make me laugh. 
I think I got two more riders mega excited about coming to one of my Training Days. Super. 

And now I better sleep or I will never get up at 7 tomorrow. 

P.S. I have just spell checked this post and Blogger highlighted my name as a word with a spelling mistake. How rude! ;))
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