Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Happy Birthday to Jenny

Pic.: Jenny on Kiri (Kir Royal) yesterday

I was fortunate to meet Jenny in summer 2006 when (less fortunately) she broke her ankle xc schooling. She couldn't ride her lovely TBx, Hamlet (!!), and was looking for someone to keep him ticking over while she was waiting impatiently to be back into action. I've been on and off Hamlet's saddle ever since. We did some BSJA, BE and BD as well as having some fab lessons/trainings/clinics together with Anna Ross-Davies, Lucy Thompson and Very Strict Marianna!

So a big thank you to Jenny for letting me ride her lovely horses over the years - here is me wishing you a fantastic eventing season this year with Kiri (aka Kir Royal) and many enjoyable days with Hamlet boy. Happy Birthday! x

Meet Kiri: a mare that spends half of her life doing what she should not be doing and another at being a rather talented, athletic creature! How on earth Jenny sticks to the saddle on her remains a mystery to me - I hit the deck numerous time riding this madam! I love this photo though - So Kir Royal.

Let's not forget about Charlie - Jenny's super little pony who can turn his hoof at just about anything and is going strong at 18! He also featured as a model on my website patiently performing everything that was asked of him :)

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