Monday, 9 March 2009

Nothing to lose so I will have a go...

It was suggested to me that writing what you will read below might be a good idea...I am not so sure if it will be of any success but I see nothing to lose in following the advice so I shall give it a go. 

Here is the thing. I need to make some decisions about how to drive events forward and although there still is some time left for me to decide which way to go exactly I am told I should look into as many possibilities as possible as soon as possible...

Perhaps there are people I already know who I might approach with this but since I am not that great with decisions in general I thought I would listen to someone who is.
Apparently good decisions take months to take and even more time is involved in thinking about them so maybe I am not that bad after all!

Two things are certain: 
1) I want to keep my teaching largely as it is now as it's what motivates me in the horse world 2) I need a small yard with good facilities to base myself at and to be able to move on with my riding plans.  

So dear readers, here is me asking you to spread the word... If you know/heard of someone who:
- have/will soon have 3-6 stables available to rent at a reasonable rate at a well run yard within 30 minutes radius of Wokingham or Reading area 
- is a decent rider, reliable and ambitious and would like to get involved (as a business partner) in a small business of bringing on/schooling and selling as well as some teaching/training 
- or simply someone who would want to offer any further advice.

Also (although this is far fetched):
- anyone interested in investing their time and money,  

then please write to me for more information on ridinginstructor at gmail dot com (written in this way to limit the amount of spam) or contact me via my website.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated so please feel free to write what you think!
Many Thanks,
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