Saturday, 21 March 2009

Aa who needs a title

On Thursday I was one of the guinea pigs taking part in an Intermediate Teaching mock exam lesson and rather enjoyed the simulated cross-country play. The funny thing, it transpired the instructor teaching is taking her exam on the same day as I will, at the same centre in Gloucestershire. 
She seemed way more patient than I will ever be ;) The only time when I am extremely patient is either when I can't be bothered or when I don't care. Neither is a frequent occurrence. 

What else have I done since last post? I've been riding a little, fair bit of hacking which actually is super in this weather, plus I tend to try to jump all the logs on the ground to keep myself amused. 
Been to a party last night, which was a lot of fun and stayed over at my friend's which I always enjoy. The sad bit is she will be leaving soon having accepted a brill job offer so 1) it will definitely be less fun at work 2) she won't be able to help me with the group Training Days. Not great for me but of course super chance for her so...congratulations my dear, best of luck and fingers crossed for successful competition season :)  
Sometimes I 'write' in my head even when I don't actually want to. The words just keep coming so I usually have to just sit somewhere quiet and let them flow. Here is what I "wrote" tonight while waiting for my friend to feed her horses: 
What I miss when I am away is the vociferous silence of his presence, the body warmth and the cuddles
I miss travelling round the circular blue path of his eyes; Stopping for a quick kiss. Looking forward to seeing him feels good.

I wish I could find a way to fit my whole world into a small village at the very bottom of my soul; the place where all the guards are down, where time is just right no matter how late or how early there is. 

You feel it in your body when you wake up, this unmistakable softness, lightness and restful yet energetic peacefulness. There is nothing like it. The feeling of endless security in your own fairy bubble beautifully scented with a just-washed-in-freshness perfume. 
Too many prickly ends are bursting my bubbles.

The best, biggest ones you can create just before you are truly awoken, half in sleep but slowly emerging. You can hear only things you want to hear, like birds singing. Nothing you don't want to know will ever enter your bubble then. 
My mission seems to be to blow the most resilient ones and superimpose them on an exciting, lively action of unpredictable everyday life. 

Naive me is me, the weakest link. In a food chain of my strengths and weaknesses the wolves and sharks keep feeding on silly rabbits and seals. 
Got to play one of those games where you build virtual cities and lives even and buy myself a pack of hyenas. To hunt and to laugh. At myself. 

More of my rambling thoughts on my Waffle Blog.

Back to all things horses, I must remember to: send off my application for the UKCC on Monday and order British Dressage Elementary dressage tests (for my Intermediate teaching test).

Also, fingers crossed South of England British Eventing event is going ahead as I am planning to go to see Jenny and Kiri cracking Novice and to have a good look around, watch pros working in, learn this and that. 

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