Saturday, 28 March 2009

This Chapter's over

The ladies on the Training Day were so much fun that it must have been one of the best Training Days so far. And just as well as today's afternoon was one of the worst I had for ages. 
First of all today was my last day of working with my dear friend and I have this personal dislike of all things last. 
It was a rather memorable year and quite a chapter that is now over. I guess many people just don't care and take no notice, they just keep going and enjoy what comes next straight away. Believe me I wish I had the same attitude but being a sentimental old cow as I am it takes a bit of an effort! 
So last night for the last time I waited for my friend to finish her late Friday night teaching. I sat in a coffee shop and thought it was somewhat sadly fascinating watching things, being places, living moments and knowing that these particular circumstances will never ever happen again. It's almost like being from the future and watching an already happened past. 

To balance totally shit afternoon today I had a fabulous morning jumping my friend's event horse and then teaching one of my favourite teenage lessons. 
The horse can really jump and makes you feel like you can actually ride well, just sit there and wait for the jumps to come. We popped over some 1.10m and he made it so easy. 

So here you go my dear, a little written thank you note for a teaching year of so much fun, for every single lift to stations, for waiting, for all the funny singing, for all the silly 'why' buttons talk, for super coffees, for listening, for your help with my training days, and for many other little things I shall miss on my working days to come.
All the best with the new job! 

Full day of teaching tomorrow and a very early wake up alarm as no more Great British Lie In!

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