Saturday, 7 February 2015

Day 38: Horses, soup and Jim Carrey

Emma, my rider on Aspire Equestrian Development Programme with her loan, 4 year old Welsh D, Ted

Although this picture doesn't make it obvious, we had some splashes of sunshine among wintry greyness today ;) Great sessions, the London base is working well so far!

More riders from today - fab sessions, in case you didn't know, horse riding is awesome ;) 

"You can fail doing something you don't like doing - he said - "so you might as well fail doing something you love"...Couldn't agree more. Great, short video below!

From other random facts of today, have you tried the M&S Hot and Spicy Chicken Noodle Broth? I am just a little bit obsessed with it ;) Not only it's an amazing winter warmer after a day teaching but the taste is just a perfection!

Off to collapse in bed now, got a new rider tomorrow coming for an assessment session to possibly join the Academy programme so no day off for me. It should be interesting though :)

Until tomorrow!
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