Monday, 9 February 2015

Day 40: Getting a grip ;)

Joker awaiting his working session. The afternoon light was amazing today, no filters on that image :) 
I woke up feeling oddly run down this morning so it took some serious pep talk to get myself up and going. The overwhelming tiredness does get to me if I work more than 10 days on the trot so whenever it happens I just slap a lot of freezing cold water on my face and tell myself to get a grip ;) It usually works. Then I plan a day off as soon as possible and focus on the tasks ahead.

Today, I had a fairly technical lesson planned for one of my riders and we had some really great results so at least one task accomplished!
Then Joker who was a little challenging but overall his movement has improved a lot in the last 4 weeks. His canter on the left rein was so much more balanced today. Whether it has all improved enough to up the work and start proper ridden work again, I don't know. Visually, it looks good enough to me to add some saddle time in walk. The vet check up is on Wednesday morning so we shall find out what he thinks.

I had a few things planned for tonight with my online projects but had to switch everything off and grab a couple of hours rest before coming back to jot this post down. Feeling a little better now and look forward to some jumping fun for my London's rider tomorrow!

Speak shortly ;)
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