Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Day 35:

Anyone who travels by trains will know the implications of such revelation on a morning of the day of the journey. It doesn't matter which particular line is most affected as those that interwork with it get affected as if in a game of domino.

Once I finally arrived at my destination, the day went smoothly in company of four interesting horses and riders.

I was really looking forward to seeing Merehead after his McTimoney session and I must say, the improvement in his general body comfort, calmness and ability to bend was marked.
I noticed similar improvement in a a big framed mare I teach who showed significant change in her basic self-carriage and as a result the rider could further improve her way of going as well as work on her own seat.

If this is a consistent result I might become a convert. If you would like to see Merehead (the grey ex-racehorse) having his treatment, the video of it is here:

Equine McTimoney Manipulation Therapy session 

I must sign off now and grab some rest :)

Until tomorrow!
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