Monday, 2 February 2015

Day 33: Birthday Day ;)

Warming up with a hot cup of spicy tea after my morning freeze! 
First Great Western prepared a nice birthday gift of Cryotherapy for me today by shutting their waiting room/office at a small station in Berkshire. I was feeling very smug by arriving 25 min earlier thinking I would just wait inside for my rider to pick me up but that was not to be ;) Considering it was -2C this morning, that gift was really quite unnecessary! 

The training session went great though so I forgive FGW for this inconvenience. The gift was in a double version as I was 15min early for my train back (that was also a little delayed - triple gift?) so some more freezing was on cards. Perhaps it has anti-ageing qualities? 

Anyway, let me introduce you to this chap - love him : ) It's my little present from my boyfriend, I do love tea and so this little fellow was a spot on gift: 

It makes me smile just looking at him ;) 

Joker worked me hard today which was just as well as I sure wasn't cold. We did bending, flexing and transitions as well as some discipline/obedience tasks. I did carrot stretches with him but he is incredibly in love with food and can be very pushy about it. He was determined to check out all my pockets and so we practised some patience and distance ;) 

Joker: "ookkaay, I am not looking at your pockets, not even opening my eyes, standing here several steps away, not searching your pockets - can I have it NOW?"
Maria, a lovely friend of mine from Norway, sent me the below great quote with my birthday wishes today. I think it sums up my day (and probably many years ;) exactly: 

Thank you to my family and friends for all my birthday wishes and gifts, lots of love and big warm hugs to you all :) 

All the best and speak tomorrow!
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