Friday, 6 February 2015

Day 37: Suppleness - Joker's go at shoulder-in

Starting the work on shoulder-in
It is believed that shoulder-in is one of the most important exercises in a gymnastic development of a horse. It is also one of the top suppling exercises on horse's shoulders and strengthening on the hind legs.
Here's Joker's attempt at it.

Left shoulder-in/left positioning is much easier for him as his left shoulder is much more supple than his right. He tried his best today though, I was very pleased with his attitude, concentration and willingness to have a go even though it must feel difficult with his degree of stiffness. Because of that, I asked him for a very slow walk in which I could control him more and in which it was easier for him to stay off his forehand.

The rein back, even though he drags his hind feet like a professional ploughman, was very obedient, willing and straight (he tended to throw his back end to the side whether I asked by the fence or not). Great session all in all. Now, I have the Aspire Newsletter drama to sort out (technology can be tricky!) as well as finishing off the content of an interview one website is doing with me.

I hope you're enjoying Jo-jo's adventures and having a good day yourself! :)

P.S. Check out this ingenious short video: Purpose of Dressage explained in 4 minutes 11 seconds...! 

Until tomorrow,
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