Thursday, 19 February 2015

Day 50: Struggling

I've been drafting a big blog post for Aspire blog for the last couple of hours. It's a post about developing a deep seat and I got into writing it after seeing this deep seat question over and over in my blog search section. If riders are searching for it, I want to try to write about it :)

Here's where my problem view on developing deep seat is not exactly compatible with the convenient notion of step-by-step manuals that many riders like to read. It's also damn tricky to put various thoughts and short, instructional visuals into coherent article so I am struggling people! But it's a good struggle not to worry, it's a brain challenge ;)

I'd been mostly learning today and working on a few new exercises that can give certain feels in the saddle. It's a good job nobody was around seeing me testing this stuff on chairs and with a kitchen towel. It will be ok in the end and it might help a person or two ;)

Then there is admin stuff that I needed to organise today, most of the things I managed to do, still some tasks to continue on tomorrow.

Not much else to report ;)

Until tomorrow!
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