Monday, 16 February 2015

Day 46 & 47: Rainy day recovery

I've had a couple of poorly days following some food poisoning I managed to pick up. I had to re-schedule a few lessons as I felt too weak to travel but the good news is that my today's dinner is digesting smoothly and except for some tiredness that is easy to deal with, I'm coming back to the land of nomads ;)

Editing photos for today's post on Aspire blog with a very wet Woody after our morning walk in the rain

Except of a morning walk, I've been writing at home all day today. I divide my writing time between the book and the smaller projects I am working on. I can't wait to share one of them with you, hopefully not long to go now. 
My problem is that I try to make things too perfect straight away rather than just let them go and tell me how best to improve upon the rough copy. However, if I sign my name under something, I don't want it to be too rubbish! Dilemma ;) 

It's Ealing Browadway trip for me tomorrow. The London riders are keen to learn more towards the British Horse Society exams so I decided to do a pilot meeting of the little lecture chats I'd been doing with a few riders at home. 
The Aspire @ Coffee Time meetings are all about discussions on horsemanship, equitation and horse care. I love running those as they bring together my enjoyment of coffee shops, sharing knowledge, learning from everyone involved and of course - horses. 
The ACT London Chapter will be trialled on Saturday so we shall see how we get on. 

For today's Aspire post I put together a few thoughts on half-halting in a light seat. I also edited a short video of myself riding a big, powerful mare that really benefited from being ridden both in full and light seat as long as she was kept in balance. 
Training on her - and she wasn't easy - taught me a lot about power vs balance. 



Here is a link to the post if you were interested in reading it :)

Until tomorrow!
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