Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Day 41: If you like coffee and are ever at Ealing Broadway...and some subconscious riding skills

Waiting for my bus on way to the yard with this one delicious drink :) 
To all of you who love coffee - if you are ever at Ealing Broadway in London, you got to pop to this lovely little Cafe: www.electriccoffee.co.uk They make the tastiest coffee I have ever tried! 
Perfect travel companion ;)

Well, now, here is how exciting my evening looks like - awaiting the mercy of my slow internet connection as I upload the videos from today. Very exciting indeed!

I am trialling an approach with Foundation level riders that I am preparing for the move to Development programme in the next few months. I run one session a month with very little "how to" instruction so the riders have to take responsibility for their actions and current skills. I take more video footage than usual during those sessions so the rider can watch and reflect on their ride later but during I encourage mostly feeling and letting the subconscious skills show up. 

This approach lets me watch and appraise my own teaching - what have I managed to teach and what I still need to teach so the skills we need to develop can develop :) 

It's very interesting to watch as well as the rider goes through not trusting own skills at first, acting unsure and reluctant even though I know they know how to do things better, letting the horse dictate the movement and make mistakes to slowly becoming more and more empowered to take actions and find their own "voice". 
I can feel these kind of sessions are here to stay in my programmes. 

Until tomorrow,

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