Friday, 20 February 2015

Day 51: The walk, the "deep seat" series and planning Aspire GetAway

To look out over the river and write - now that would be magnificent. To walk around the area is pretty good too and starting a day like this is as awakening as a cup of tasty coffee.

The parts for my little blog series on how to develop "deep seat" are now in motion - "sitting deep" is such a funny concept when you look at it with a beginner's mindset. I agree with Ride with Your Mind founder, Mary Wanless, that the equestrian language is full of oddly named actions and instructions that sometimes even instructors don't really understand properly. Take this "deep seat" phrase - I have met more riders who initially understood the instruction to "sit deeper" as "drive into the saddle" action than those who took it for what it is - an intricate harmony of two moving creatures.

It strikes me again and again though how incredibly non descriptive horse riding teaching language can be which I suppose is why myself and some other coaches looked towards imagery and visualisation of various feels we strive for when riding.

I am also more and more convinced that many bio-mechanical concepts really need to be figured out on individual basis under clever guidance and that we need to step away from those "now do x y z" situations. Sometimes I set certain exercises and say to my riders "I can't tell you everything, you need to figure it out".

This "figuring out" thinking was on my mind when working on the "deep seat" blog series, Part 1 is now live if you wanted to check it out..

It's also about time to get on with more concrete ideas for this year's Aspire GetAway so I'd been writing emails and contacting various places for quotes. There is quite a bit of to-ing and fro-ing when it comes to organising things but it's all worth the hassle in the end :)

I finally managed to finish the answers for one of the interviews I'd been invited to give for a website. It can be very thought provoking to put some more serious career thoughts in writing and answering the questions for the interview made me want to move on with some projects I am sitting on for who knows why for way too long :)

Until tomorrow!
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