Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Day 55: Nuts, comments and deep seat continues

Nuts are quite all right as a snack indeed. Many thanks for suggestions!
Whether they will be enough when I am truly knackered with no food in sight that remains to be seen.

I am wondering about Google comments under each post - they seem to be a little temperamental and sometimes appear and sometimes not. Do any of you switched to Google comments and find them dependable?
I am considering switching back to Blogger's own if the issue continue as I really do appreciate your comments! The bonus of Google ones is that they arrive to my email and I can easily keep track of them as well as reply directly through email. It certainly makes communication much easier.

After a few days break I published Part 2 of the deep seat series on Aspire blog. I hope some of you will find it useful, the feedback I got so far is very positive but I am aware that this "investigative" format of the posts might not suit everyone...

Here is a link to the post if you wanted to read it:

It's probably the first series in which I allowed myself to simply and truly write the posts as I like teaching in real life rather than dress the content for the written content of the blog. I suppose I have to leave it to you all to tell me if it makes you think and explore or confuses you!

Until tomorrow!

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