Friday, 16 November 2007

I found a horse and waiting to hear from Anna Ross-Davies now...

A few weeks ago I contacted Anna Ross-Davies and to cut a long story short she agreed to train me if I find a horse.
Today I went to see one kind owner who offered for me to visit her yard and try her horse.
It was quite a nerve wracking experience for me as I desperately need a horse to learn on but I also know I am not a dressage rider and have hundreds of bad habits. Due to that I rode far from my best abilities and was pretty sure the owner would not be too happy for me to train on her horse.
Fortunately, the owner agreed and so I am now awaiting to hear from Anna on the available dates!
I am also going to ride the horse once a week and will get some instruction from his current rider which is great as she rode the horse beautifully :)

The horse is called Henry, is a 15hh grey anglo-arab who has been shown as a small hack (HOYS placing including) and the owner is keen for him to do dressage now.


Nicola said...

great news, he sounds lovely, small hacks are so elegant!! Can't wait to see some picturres. My lips are purple and swollen I look like some one has punched me... the joys. Getting back no tomorrow, after join up and lunging........ may leave trot transitions for another day. Will email you.......!!!

Suzie said...

How exciting! You will learn so much - how nice to be riding a horse where you can really focus on yourself for a while! Hope it all works out with the organisation.

Rising Rainbow said...

Good for you. I hope this works out so you can ride with this woman that you respect. That's important in learning how to ride.

Dressage Mom said...

Ah, a part arabian! I hope that you will love him. And I hope you love your dressage lessons!

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