Thursday, 8 November 2007

The Joys of Fireworks

Some of my novice clients yesterday experienced unpleasant effects the fireworks have on horses...The culmination came during my lesson with two beginner ladies who all of a sudden found themselves on top of those prancing, snorting beasts ;) They had a chance to feel how a quick spin and 'riding school passage' feels like. We tried to continue for a few minutes but people whose gardens are parallel to the arenas decided it was great fun to scare the horses. When one of the staff tried to intervene saying 'these people can't ride, please stop the fireworks as it is very dangerous for everybody here', they received a rather arrogant response - 'If they can't ride they shouldn't be riding'. And the next colourful firework went up.

The worst came when someone decided that blowing things up in their own gardens is not enough fun and they threw a massive rocket-style firework over the fence! To say that the horses' eyes were on stalks is an understatement! We had to take them back to the stable as even staying in the furthest arena didn't help to settle them.

What is it about blowing your money up in the air that is so fascinating?

PS. I was also told by one of the little riders' parent that they couldn't place my accent and that my English sounds posh ;) They concluded that I must be mixing in with the wealthy and well educated of this world. Do I say it's listening to audio books, ounce of northern accent from your partner and avoiding stupid TV programmes that make a foreigner sound 'posh' or do I keep it secret? ;))))

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