Friday, 9 November 2007

Teaching my second RC flatwork rally tomorrow

Tomorrow at 2pm I will be teaching on my second RC rally and since I now know the riders a little better I decided to work on the following:
  • How to structure your flatwork training at home
  • How to work on your seat when there are no "eyes on the floor"
  • How to work on your horse's rhythm and suppleness
The reason I choose the above is that the riders' basics leave a lot to be desired and I am a strong believer in extremely strong basics. I reckon that concentrating on what needs to be done and why should help the riders in planning their riding sessions instead of just jumping on and move in circles. We will also run through some preliminary tests movements to continue on our last rally.
The work on the seat for me is an ongoing process and I hope to instill a few exercises and will advise they do them during warm up every time they sit on a horse.
The work on rhythm and suppleness is again a very basic thing but there is nothing you can do if your horse is tense and moves all over the place.

As giving riders some "homework" has become my habit I printed out some interesting articles that match the content we will be working on. It will hopefully give the riders a nice summary and a reminder they will be able to run through the next day.
One of my riders keeps calling me her 'torturer' - well, I guess I am quite demanding! ;)

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