Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Thoughts on working life

This will probably have very little sense but all those thoughts seem to run around my head.
I noticed that for the last couple of days I have been pondering heavily on where to work so I have enough money to keep me happy and allow me to continue with my teaching job. The part-time office job I am stuck with at the moment (think: accounts) gives me financial support and reasonable security but is not what ticks all the boxes.
The difficulty lies in finding something mentally challenging and engaging but in the same time complementing my major interest in life (yes, equestrianism, horses you name it).
Let me tell you, finding a job like that is near impossible.
First of all, I am almost impossible to please with office jobs. I feel trapped, limited, bored and can almost feel the slow disintegration of my brain cells.
Even if I find something slightly interesting I get bored with it the moment I get the hang of it. In other words, I like learning new things but once I have learned they stopped fascinating me and am done with them.
I wish I could just teach and ride but realistically it won't be possible for a long while (if not for longer than long while).

Ideally, the part-time job (or flexi-time one) that is creative, challenging, dynamic and well paid would be good. Unfortunately, in real life, jobs like that consist of all absorbing activities and are for dedicated full-timers.

I wish I just knew what to look for but to be fair I have no idea. The only job that gives me total satisfaction is teaching and coaching. You probably think that I should just take a full-time Instructor post and stop moaning.
Ha, the problem is, I do like the variety given by both the equestrian world and the non-equestrian world. Working full-time at numerous stables didn't challenge me enough .
It felt slightly restrictive and single minded.

Right, I shall keep browsing the Internet for inspirations...


Dressage Mom said...

Have you thought of taking some breeding classes and working for a breeding farm? Always lots to do there and you might find that very fulfilling - working with stallions and babies. Could be fun?

Nicola said...

I sent you an email with some ideas/ thoughts....

Unknown said...

Dressagemom - I worked in studs and stallion grading centres throughout my teens and early twenties and yes, it was fun. The thing is, I am hoping to find something I could progress within, alongside horsey career. I think it's just getting older that makes me think about finally having some savings and more serious plans for the future.

Unknown said...

Thank you Nicky! Definitely a food for thought. I think you got at least one thing right - I am lacking in materialism and drive! Maybe if I was more money driven that MA degree in marketing & management I did would be somewhat better used. As it is, I found out I don't fit into corporate cultures.

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