Saturday, 10 November 2007

Working on tension and relaxation in sitting trot

I am quite pleased with myself today as I managed a few minutes of good work with Hamlet ;) The feeling of a tense horse rounding and giving in is so good, even if it took me 30 minutes to get to that point. The full report is on HERE.
Most of the work was done in sitting trot as Hamlet responds better to it than to the rising trot. It makes me work on relaxing my lower body and keeping my upper body strong which is great. Only now I need to find some good equestrian underwear to get me through all those hours of sitting trot...!
I concluded that I need a good digital camera which could be rested on the post and rails and so I can watch myself riding. In this way I will be able to coach myself and correct those mistakes that I don't feel immediately by the time they become habits. I will try with my old one on Monday but I have a feeling the picture won't be good enough unless I stay really close to the camera.
If it comes up watchable I will post it on here too.

The Rally...
...went really well and everybody signed up for the next one in a couple of weeks time which is great :)

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